Mrs. PGA

I know I am overdue for a post about my Sonoma/Napa Valley trip but I spent the day yesterday at the PGA Championship Tournament in Atlanta and I find that I just must talk about my day.

First of all, I love golf tournaments.  I love the landscaping at golf courses and I like 96% of the people that attend the tournaments.  You have 3% of the men there that think they are experts.  You can overhear them recommend club choices or explaining why a shot went wrong…but HELLO..when was their last qualifying round?  I mean really, have they ever won more than $20 on a round of golf?

So you are probably wondering, who are the other 1%?  Well, those are the women in attendance that think they are going to meet their husband at the golf tournament.  Yep, Mrs. PGA!  Ok, I have to admit that when I was single I also thought golf tournaments were a great way to meet men.  I have NO problem with that.  The problem I have is that this 1% doesn’t dress for a golf tournament, they dress for a dinner out on Saturday night.  They are in high heels with a sundress, pearls and a large purse.  I’m no expert on guys but I do think they are smart enough to know that when a woman is dressed like that at a golf tournament, they AREN’T there for a golf tournament.  Come on women, dress the part.  You can look really cute in a golf skirt and polo.  As an extra bonus, most golf skirts have pockets so you won’t need that extra large purse that is the size of a small suitcase.  While you are at it if you are planning a trip to the PGA tournament, watch a tournament or two on TV a few weeks before so you know what a Par 5 is and how many shots equal a birdie on a Par 5!

Oh and one more tip, if you are going to a golf tournament, spend a little time walking the course and enjoying the game.

Back soon with my Sonoma trip review…I promise!


Hello world!

Welcome to More About That!

For years, my friends have come to me for recommendations on new projects, travel or just a new way of doing things.  I decided to start this blog so I can share my thoughts and recommendations easier.  I have a sick obsession about doing research on just about anything I plan to buy from a new blender to a new car.  Hopefully by sharing this research it might help you too!

This week I am planning to share the highlights of our recent trip to Napa and Sonoma.