Ode To White

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Those of us in the south know that this day holds special significance for us southern ladies!  My cousin Jackie was kind enough to send out this reminder today and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Thanks Jackie!

Ode to “White”

That time of year has come again

As we have all been taught.

To pack away till May 29th,

The WHITE that we have bought.

Good-bye all you little shorts,

Capris and strappy shoes.

Blouses, tops and underwear

Are all that we can use.

The west may laugh.

The north may sneer.

But here way down in Dixie,

We hold our values dear!

Alas I know it’s painful

To put them all away.

But every Southern lady knows



4 thoughts on “Ode To White

  1. I will miss those white dresses. Although, I’ve never been clear on if there is white in the dresses, so I’ll be cheating all the way through September

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