It’s the Weekend, It’s Beautiful & You Gotta Zee This!

The weekend is finally here and the weather is beautiful.  Why don’t you grab the family and do something unique this weekend and visit the new baby Zedonk in Dahlonega at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve?

If you are asking yourself….what is a Zedonk?  Well, it is a really cute offspring from a donkey and a zebra.  In 2010, Pippi the zedonk was born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve.  You might have seen Pippi in the AJC or featured on one of several TV news shows.  This past August, Pippi’s little sister was born.  As you can see in the picture she has striped legs and ears like her zebra dad.

The Preserve features other animals too.  On our recent visit there we saw white Bengal tigers, bears, monkeys, alligators, turtles, birds and more.  It takes about an hour for a leisurely stroll around to get a close-up view of all the animals at the Preserve.

After your visit to the Preserve, you can always have lunch in Dahlonega or visit a winery or even pan for gold!   They are located at 469 Old Dahlonega Dahlonega and they are open everyday from 10 – 4pm.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!;


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