“Oh Great Pumpkin, Where Are You?”

That is the question that Linus asks in The Great Pumpkin.  This cartoon is one of my favorite holiday cartoons because I love that Linus never gives up on his hope to have a visit from The Great Pumpkin.

We have had fun this year decorating for Halloween.  I always love the excitement of the little children as they run from house to house.   In my day, you didn’t trick-or-treat after you were in high school but times have changed and it seems like this is an evening for kids of all ages.

I won’t be dressing up this year I but can’t wait to answer the door.  I so hope that ALL the candy will be gone by the end of the night.  If not, I might not fit on my broom next year!

I hope your inner “Linus” allows you to be young at heart and never let your imagination cease to believe all is possible!

Happy Halloween from our house to yours! As you can see, our dog is already looking for Trick-or-Treaters!

25th Hour Gal Assistant at the Ready to Answer the Door!

Love that the Moon wanted to be in the picture!


2 thoughts on ““Oh Great Pumpkin, Where Are You?”

  1. We used to have our kids leave their “extra” candy out for the Great Pumpkin. Then he would leave a present in return (usually books) and we would get a bunch of candy out of the way for the sake of their health 🙂

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