I apologize for the long time in between posts.  We had a great time at the beach and other than that little choking incident by yours truly it was all fun!  I highly suggest that you make sure that the “Mr.” 25th Hour Gal in your life knows the heimlich maneuver.  Yes, my “Mr. 25thHG” saved my life last week.  I sure am glad he knew what to do!

The weather was great at the beach and it was nice to get away for a short trip and visit with some terrific friends.  Our dream is to retire in the Charleston area.  We just love it up there.

So back to the theme of this post….tread life of your tires.  I had noticed that the tread on my tires seemed very low which was odd since my tires were purchased 18 months ago!  I called around to get quotes for new tires.  My last call was to the original shop that put the last tires on the car.  They looked up my record and my tires came with a 60,000 mile warranty.  I had only driven them 27,000 miles.  The good news was that I got more than 50% of my original purchase price back and applied to the new tires purchased!  This was a huge savings!

My tip today is to always go back to your original mechanic if something fails or wears out sooner than expected.  Your part or service may not always have a warranty but if it does, you may very well be entitled to money back.   The 25th Hour Gal always enjoys getting money back and I bet you do too!


25th Hour Gal TimeSaver – Got Gold?

Unless you have been on a very long vacation without access to the news, you know that gold has recently hit an all time high.  On a recent episode of Good Morning America, they talked about how to sell your gold jewelry.  When I heard that an earring back was worth $53 based on the gold price that day, I stopped what I was doing and went straight for my jewelry box.  I had some assorted broken jewelry, my add-a-bead necklace from the 80’s and some jewelry from old boyfriends.

Now…where to sell?  This is the big question and I hope to save you some time here.  My line of thinking was that all of these stores that had banners up saying “We Buy Gold!” would probably offer the best price since this is all they do…Buy Gold!  I decided to get three estimates all on the same day so the price of gold wouldn’t fluctuate too much.  I went to my favorite jewelry store in Roswell, then I checked with a jewelry store in Cumming.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quotes offered and both quotes were within $40 of each other.

My last stop was at a “We Buy Gold” (WBG) place.  I have never been too fond of patronizing establishments that have people dressed in costumes or waving signs on the side of the road but I thought I would make an exception.  I had already checked out this business on the Better Business Bureau website.  The process to receive a quote was much different at WBG.  First, they didn’t take my word for the fact that all of my jewelry was 14K gold.  The first jewelry store I went to had already confirmed this fact.  WBG even went so far as to put a scratch in the surface of a bracelet and put a drop of solution on it to see if it turned bronze which is a sign that it is 10K.  She informed me that if it turned bronze the color change was permanent!  This process confirmed that my jewelry was in fact 14K.  They then quoted me a price that was about HALF of what I had been quoted an hour ago at the two jewelry stores.

The next step of the process was interesting.  The sales person told me that she was going to call her manager to get me the absolute best price possible.  After that phone call, I was offered a “Friends & Family” gold rate.  I guess it was my lucky day!  This new rate was less than fantastic and still more than 20% below the other quotes I had received.  I told the sales person that their quotes were very low compared to the other quotes I had received.  The sales person then told me that they would beat any other quote and offer an additional 10%.

I don’t tend to do business with people or companies that do business this way.  If they could offer me more, then they should have offered it up front.  I don’t have time to waste and I don’t like to do business with people who seem to want to play games and waste my time.

So lesson learned for me.  Get your gold price quoted from a reputable jewelry store.  I still recommend getting a couple quotes but hopefully the 25th Hour Gal has saved you from wasting your time at an extra stop.  Now you have time for an extra glass of wine this holiday weekend!  Enjoy!