All Decked Out

With the old shrubs cleared away, the next step was to design the new front porch and find the builder for this project. We knew we wanted something bigger and honestly, I was the one that pushed for the extra space. Mr. 25th Hour was fine with a slightly smaller porch. Thanks for letting me win this one!

Anyway, we spent lots of time riding around and taking pictures of front porches on other homes that we liked. This decision was one of the easiest ones that we made in the home renovation project. We also decided to add a deck coming off the back screen porch. We wanted something for grilling but also an outdoor area where we could sit and the grill master (Mr. 25th Hour) could relax while grilling the steaks we plan to have after finishing this project!  We designed an area with built in benches and the cool part is that we added storage compartments under the seat of each bench.

Back deck with Storage Benches

Back Deck With Storage Benches

Front Porch "BEFORE"
Front Porch “BEFORE”


Front Porch "AFTER"

Front Porch “AFTER”


We think both projects turned out great!