New Paint, New Driveway and New Landscaping = DONE!

It is time to wrap this remodel. I really admire the HGTV crews that get a home makeover done in three days because that was not our reality!

Everything turned out great though! The new paint colors really brightened up the house and the new grass and landscaping offered a much needed facelift.

Beach house remodel before

Exterior of beach house before


Beach House Exterior Remodel After

Searenity Now After!

Now it is time to go enjoy the beach!  Come visit us at “Searenity Now” in Isle of Palms, SC!

Enjoy your weekend and let me know if you like the new exterior!

25th Hour Gal


Leap of Faith

We may have taken a seriously wrong turn but I don’t think we have! We have been searching for a small beach house in the Charleston area for several years. We just couldn’t find the perfect one for us. Then last year, we found one on the market that was in our price range and we thought had great potential. To say that it looked sad & tired is an understatement! It looked nothing like a beach house even though the ocean was only a block and a half down the street.

The house was a short sale and we had no idea about the long grueling process. But, we decided to go for it! It took six long….make that very long months from the time we made the offer to the time we closed! I won’t sugarcoat it as it was a painful process. It was also pretty painful for our friends that had to listen to us whine!

But good things come to those that wait, right?! So the house is ours but now we needed an extreme home & yard makeover. On the HGTV website, we found out about a new show and they were looking for people who had just purchased a beach house (check) and wanted to update it (check)! We applied and actually made it through the initial screen but then we were DENIED! Oh well, I love HGTV anyway.

So we will dive in and get the job done ourselves. I hope you follow along to see our progress.  Before we begin, here is the start of our vision…”SeaRenity Now!” If you aren’t familiar with this Seinfeld episode, it is one of my favorites. We decided to name the beach house after it with a play on the spelling (get it?…SEA). If you missed this episode, check out the highlights here “Serenity Now, Insanity Later!”